N4 :: Central and Eastern US Network Stations

[8] active sites. [0] decommissioned sites.

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The table below shows some parameters for instrumentation related to the CEUSN project.

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IDVNETLocationStart DeploymentData LatencyLast Day Performace
PE_PABK_CEUSNBlue Knob State Park, Imler, PA12/06/16 (341) 21:05:06 UTC1 min-
PE_PAHR_CEUSNHickory Run State Park, White Haven, PA12/06/16 (341) 21:10:49 UTC1 min-
PE_PAMR_CEUSNMoraine State Park, Slippery Rock, PA12/06/16 (341) 21:10:27 UTC1 min-
PE_PAOC_CEUSNOil Creek State Park, Oil Creek, PA12/06/16 (341) 20:57:45 UTC1 min-
PE_PSDB_CEUSNPSU Dubois Campus, Dubois, PA 3/13/14 (072) 20:30:00 UTC1 min-
PE_PSUB_CEUSNPSU Brandywine Campus, Media, PA 3/13/14 (072) 20:30:00 UTC1 min-
PE_PSWB_CEUSNPSU Wilkes-Barre Campus, Wilkes-Barre, PA 3/13/14 (072) 20:30:00 UTC1 min-
PE_UPAO_CEUSNUniversity of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA, USA 3/13/14 (072) 20:30:00 UTC1 min-
IDVNETLocationStart DeploymentEnd Deployment
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