N4 :: Central and Eastern US Network Stations

[6] active sites. [0] decommissioned sites.

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The table below shows some parameters for instrumentation related to the CEUSN project.

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IDVNETLocationStart DeploymentData LatencyLast Day Performace
AG_CCAR_CEUSNCane Creek, AR 3/13/14 (072) 20:30:00 UTC2 days-
AG_HHAR_CEUSNHobbs,AR 3/13/14 (072) 20:30:00 UTC56 secs-
AG_LCAR_CEUSNLake Charles,AR 3/13/14 (072) 20:30:00 UTC45 secs-
AG_U40A_CEUSNYellville, AR 7/27/16 (209) 16:54:25 UTC45 secs-
AG_X40A_CEUSNBasin Creek Farm, Marlvern, AR 7/27/16 (209) 16:54:32 UTC1 min-
AG_Z41A_CEUSNRichland Creek Farm, El Dorado, AR 9/04/16 (248) 15:04:13 UTC49 secs-
IDVNETLocationStart DeploymentEnd Deployment
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