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Magnitude 4 Earthquake: Oklahoma


The red marker denotes the earthquake epicenter.

On Wed Aug 10th 2016 11:04:49 (UTC) the seismic network recorded an earthquake (preliminary 4 mblg) located in Oklahoma. Seismic region Eastern North America.

The epicentral distance (i.e. distance separating the location to the epicenter) to the closest station T35B in the network is 150.7 km.

If you felt the quake, the USGS would like to know. Please add your comments to the USGS page "Did you feel it?".


Time:Wed Aug 10th 2016 11:04:49 (UTC)
Magnitude:4 mblg
Depth:5.0 km

Proximity to Population Centers

Event and active stations

The red marker denotes the earthquake epicenter.

Seismic waveforms for closest station

Closest station with identified signal. Not filtered.

Seismic waveforms for vertical channels in network

Subset of several stations close to the event. Not filtered.

Signal description at some stations

STA_CHANS-E DeltaS-E AzimuthPhase TimeSignal/NoiseTime ResidualV. ModelAutharid
T35B_BHZ1.354°203.98°Pn2016-08-10 11:05:14.225 UTC620.06-1.077iasp91local454674
Z35B_BHZ2.347°1.26°Pn2016-08-10 11:05:29.3 UTC45.7840.344iasp91dbp:tcox:16230454679
U38B_BHZ2.391°252.24°Pn2016-08-10 11:05:30.0714 UTC112.610.505iasp91dbp:tcox:16230454681
R32B_BHZ3.002°155.67°pPn2016-08-10 11:05:39.439 UTC-10.273iasp91dbp:tcox:16230458987
Z38B_BHZ3.024°323.68°Pn2016-08-10 11:05:38.5468 UTC-10.28iasp91dbp:tcox:16230458971
S39B_BHZ3.697°238.17°Pn2016-08-10 11:05:47.45 UTC34.778-0.071iasp91local454685
237B_BHZ3.85°343.05°Pn2016-08-10 11:05:49.4433 UTC-1-0.186iasp91dbp:tcox:16230458973
R40B_BHZ4.719°237.88°Pn2016-08-10 11:06:01.0563 UTC16.634-0.521iasp91dbp:tcox:16230454687
P38B_BHZ4.895°217.39°Pn2016-08-10 11:06:03.85 UTC11.481-0.137iasp91local454688
N35B_BHZ5.324°193.67°Pn2016-08-10 11:06:09.8183 UTC-1-0.07iasp91dbp:tcox:16230458976
P40B_BHZ5.605°228.19°pPn2016-08-10 11:06:14.3686 UTC7.173-0.574iasp91dbp:tcox:16230454671
W45B_BHZ6.541°276.88°Pn2016-08-10 11:06:26.2172 UTC-1-0.39iasp91dbp:tcox:16230458979
L40A_BHZ7.892°217.95°Pn2016-08-10 11:06:44.0596 UTC6.0062-1.096iasp91dbp:tcox:16230454695
L42A_BHZ8.616°225.22°Pn2016-08-10 11:06:54.3 UTC13.391-0.783iasp91local454710

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